Longhaul's Lighthouse

An Idea: a cafe to learn, to have fun with the family, and, of course, to just relax with the laptop.
  • Started as a glimmer of a thought around 2011, just after finishing a Masters in Counseling,¬†as Lighthouse Cafe, a regular cafe with up to three conference rooms available for rent, Bible study groups, and church meetings while offering an opportunity for homeless families to work (see also www.dirtnnails.org).
  • In 2014, an in-law introduced me to Star Citizen. At the time I did not think anything of it. “Oh, a new video game.”
  • 2015 was a wild ride. I got back into school for a Masters in Divinity, started the adoption of baby Freya, and, yes, invested in Star Citizen.
  • It was also the year I figured out I was not that great of a father. Things needed to change.
  • This idea is grown off of the Longhaul Preacher podcast and the general principles of Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms: To teach people how to take care of their computers and equipment, give families a place to hang out in a wholesome atmosphere, and be a hangout for online organizations, clubs, fleets etc. in friendship and friendly competition.

Gamer "Section"

  • “Fleet” Gamer Room – “Bridge” theme with up to two connected outer flight simulator pods, semi-professional. Usable for sports and MMO games.
  • “Squadron” Gamer Room – More like a hallway with smaller flight simulator pods, including at least one professional simulator for pilots to train.
  • Conference/Convention Room – A bit of a misnomer since it won’t serve more than 30 at a time, smaller than the main floor. General purpose room.
  • Option: Rental computers available (considering keyboards and mice provided by renter).

Sound "Section"

  • Engineering/Podcasting – Half the size of the Sound/Stage room. Direct connections to the Conference Room as well.
  • Sound/Stage Room – Green Screen room with instrument and microphone ports.
  • Direct doors to the Conference Room as well as instrument and microphone connections.

"Repair Section"

  • Limited parts sales.
  • Tutorials on computer building, upgrades, and repairs.
  • Limited professional PC and network installation and repair services.
  • Open floor to any who want to teach repair of pretty much anything.

Main Floor

  • Coffee shop w/ snacks served – Possible upgrade to experimental kitchen later.
  • Floor split into three parts: Tutorial/General, Internet/Gaming, and “Family” with a sizable play area for 6 and under.
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